Automated Bitcoin (BTC) Investment Strategy from Wunderbit

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Automated Bitcoin (BTC) Investment Strategy from Wunderbit Trading

This strategy is designed for the automated long-term investment in Bitcoin. The BTC investment strategy is primarily suitable for long-term investors who want to increase the percentage of their investments through timely trading long-term transactions. The main feature is the difference from the indicator of long-term investment. Based on their statistics, this figure is 2 times less. That is, if we just bought Bitcoin and held it, we would receive 2 times less than if we applied the BTC Investment strategy.

This strategy uses the intersection of the triple exponential moving average and the least squares moving average. We also control the profit you will make during an uptrend by implementing a trailing stop based on the ATR indicator.

This is a spot market-only strategy and can be used primarily for long-term investors. The strategy is designed to create an automatic version of investing using a webhook.

Automation allows you to safely ignore the state of your portfolio and exclude emotions.

In order to create a cryptocurrency bot for this strategy, you need to:
1. Create alerts and link the URL to the webhook.
2. Connect the TradingView strategy with automated trading service.
Upgrade to v5 Pine script


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