Ganntime Grid Bot long strategy

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This is a simulating 3commas grid and DCA robot strategy implementation. In AI mode, the default grid width of btc is 500, and the default grid width of eth is 25. Anyone can use it for free. You can also cancel the AI ​​mode option and manually set the grid size and grid width. The initial order, safety order size, stop loss and take profit parameters are consistent with the configuration and usage of 3commas dca bot.
版本注释: update safeorder place position in correct price
版本注释: add bch and ltc default gridstep,ltc default gridstep 3,bch default gridstep 45.
modify the safeorder place position and the default baseordersize and safeordersize.
Any suggestion is welcome.please dm me for any help.
版本注释: update the 3commas close and trailing message