TEMA/HMA/VWMACD - Short Strategy 4H

As we can discover by studying the history of BTCUSD , the fall is always swift. Confirmation of this - today's collapse. In this strategy, an attempt is made to catch such drop by using quick entry and quick exit.

Let's describe what this strategy consists of:

TEMA (you can find this strategy separately on this page or on platform)
• Take-profit and Stop-losses

Firstly we VWMACD (the difference between VWMACD and simple MACD is only in the way of calculating moving average) and plot it as a histogram.
Then HMA is adding as a trend filter. For easy understanding let's plot it now on chart separately.
Next step is to create and add TEMA . After it is needed to subtract slow TEMA from fast TEMA and plot this value around 0 on histogram. This is the main decision for the implementation of the short trade.

ENTRY the trade:
When VMACD is below 0 and price ( src = close) is below the HMA and TEMA below 0.

CLOSE the trade:
When VWMACD is upper than 0 or price is upper than HMA or TEMA is upper than 0

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