Instant MACD (IMACD)

The "Instant MACD" is a tailored version of the traditional Moving Average Convergence Divergence indicator, specifically designed to begin plotting with minimal data, such as in cases of high timeframe charts or newly listed trading instruments. Unlike the standard MACD that requires a substantial amount of data to provide accurate readings, the Instant MACD can deliver insights with as few as two candlesticks.

This iteration of the MACD utilizes the Chebyshev filter for the computation of both the fast and slow moving averages as well as for the signal line. The Chebyshev filter is known for its effectiveness in smoothing data series and reducing ripple effects, which is particularly advantageous when working with limited datasets.

The Instant MACD comprises several components. The histogram, which illustrates the difference between the MACD line and the signal line, adjusts its color based on the directional momentum; it transitions between shades of green and red as the histogram moves above or below the zero line and increases or decreases in value. The MACD line, depicted in blue, represents the disparity between the fast and slow Chebyshev moving averages. Complementing it is the signal line in orange, which is a Chebyshev-filtered mean of the MACD line and serves as an indicator of potential momentum shifts.

Additionally, the indicator includes a zero line for reference, aiding in the visualization of the convergence or divergence of the MACD and signal lines. To enhance its utility, the script encompasses alert conditions to notify users when there is a change in the trend of the histogram—specifically, when it transitions from a rising to a falling state and vice versa, potentially indicating shifts in market momentum.

Overall, the Instant MACD is an innovative tool for traders who require early trend signals in scenarios where traditional MACD analysis might be hampered by the lack of extensive historical data.

tl;dr this is identical to the regular macd but it starts working almost instantly.


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