Based on the nnfx trading style this algorithms has many different calculations to provide the best signal and confirmations
1. The SuperSmooth Forecast Moving Average
2. TrendLine Moving Average
3. Smoothed Heiken Ashi Moving Average
4. Baseline that can change between 15 different moving averages

Buy/Sell Alarms for all the moving averages
Exit buy/sell Alarms
3 TP
ATR x1.5 Stop Loss auto generated per signal.

Also be able to set tp alarms for both buy/sell entries. so you place your trade and be alerted when your take profits have been hit.

works on all timeframes for scalpers, intraday, or even swing.
effective on binary as well.

Directions are simple

combine simple Market Structure & as long as everything matches (Buy Signal & everything is blue + baseline is white) (Sell Signal & everything is Red + Baseline is Red) you can enter the signal generated, exit the trade when told to exit and Manage your trade.

this was made to make trading easy and create confidence with in the trader.

Link below or PM us for access to this indicator Happy Trading
版本注释: Updated default settings
Updated Alert messages
版本注释: Alert fixes
版本注释: Added SSL Baseline
SSl Exit
session High/Low
Daily Open Line
版本注释: Modified alert settings
Bug fixes with the entries
Modified design
Stop Atr multiplier adjusted
版本注释: Added Stop type "Atr/Swing"
change entry based on entry conditions
Trade filters
auto support and resistance with timeframe change
color changes and pip counter on tp levels
版本注释: Complete re organized settings, MTF filters and added selectable entries
版本注释: Removed strategy line

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