This indicator displays New Week/Day Opening Gaps alongside Event Horizon PD Arrays which were conceptualized by a trader, ICT.


  • Show: Determines if new week opening gaps (NWOG) or new day opening gaps (NDOG) are shown.
  • Amount: Controls the amount of most recent NWOGs/NDOGs to display on the chart.
  • Show EHPDA: Displays Event Horizons PD arrays.


New Week/Day Opening Gaps are generally used as potential support or resistance areas.

Trader ICT describes that under consolidating market conditions, price tends to revert towards the opening gap area. This is consistent with other analysis suggesting that price has a tendency to come back toward gaps, ultimately looking to fill them.

ICT also introduces a novel concept, the "Event Horizon PD Array" (EHPDA) which are intermediary levels constructed from the average between the neighboring NWOGs or NDOGs.

EHPDA's are described by ICT as levels that "will not allow price to escape to the NWOG that will create a surge towards the NWOG it got too "close" to but has not yet reached."

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