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This indicator is designed for use with Profit Trailer's SPREAD strategies.
The user can select either EMA or SMA averages and input their own buy value settings.

It incorporates trailing values, either manual trailing values or automatically calculated values based on volatility.
I had a request to add a "Tip Jar" for those who wanted to express their thanks for these indicators.
So if you want to say thanks, then you're welcome:

LTC Tip Jar: LX4bUBdjiRPsagUbZoAczSGgDC4YqTJL7w
Added a feature that displays your trailing profit level on each candle. This allows you to visualise the effect your trailing profit offsets will have as each candle is formed.
It displays as a yellow circle, so if the candle body is too large, the trailing profit level may be hidden behind it. Therefore I recommend moving this indicator in front of the candles.

To move the visual order of something, right click the charting area, select "objects tree..."
On the left of each object, there is an area that you can "grab" and move up or down. The more to the top something is, the closer it is to the front of the stack.

Alternatively, at the top right of each panel, there is a small white triangle between the indicator arguments and the little grey icons. Click that and go to "Visual Order" > "Bring to Front"

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