The nRSI stands as a groundbreaking enhancement of the traditional Relative Strength Index (RSI), specifically engineered for traders seeking a more refined and accurate tool in fast-moving markets.
Customizable Price Change Period (n): Unlike the traditional RSI which solely relies on a fixed period for average gains and losses, the nRSI introduces an additional parameter, n, to calculate price changes.
This adaptation focuses on minimizing market noise, sharpening the indicator's sensitivity to genuine trends and patterns.

Enhanced Signal Precision: By reducing the influence of short-term price spikes and fluctuations, the nRSI delivers a more precise signal. This precision is particularly crucial in volatile market conditions, where traditional indicators may be swayed by transient movements.
Ideal Usage

Strategic Trading Decisions: Ideal for traders who need to filter out insignificant price movements to make more strategic, informed trading decisions.
Reliable Divergence Spotting: Enhanced noise reduction aids in identifying more reliable divergences, key for predicting potential market reversals.
Trend Confirmation: The smoothed RSI, assisted by the moving average, becomes an invaluable tool for confirming the validity of market trends, minimizing false signals.

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