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The Forex Master Pattern is form of technical analysis that provides a framework for spotting hidden price patterns that reveal the true movement of the market. The Forex Master Pattern Value Lines Indicator helps to identify this Phase 1 contraction of the Forex Master Pattern cycle.


This indicator looks for a sustained contraction in price initially indicated by TWO contraction bars in a row, thus detecting a contraction point and a potential new master pattern origin point.

Once a contraction point is detected, a blue box will appear on the chart with a thick solid blue line projecting from its center. These are potential "Points of Origin" and "Value Lines" that institutional traders use to balance their books.

As shown above, when price begins to move (detected by engulfing and/or expansion candles), an Arrow is plotted to the chart identifying a possible expansion.

As shown above, previous Value Lines typically serve as future support / resistance points, however, due to the unique location of these lines, they are not typically identified as support or resistance levels on standard S/R indicators.

Color Coded Candles assist the user in quickly identifying contraction and expansion areas as well as trends away from the value-line. The expansion candles, Up/Down candles, and contraction BARS are all inspired by the STRAT (Rob Smith) and are specifically incorporated into this indicator to assist the user in finding potential reversals during the expansion phase. This helps to avoid the whiplash typically associated with the first phase of Forex Master Pattern.


- Line Settings Section -

#Max Lines to Show
This limits or extends the total number of lines shown on the chart. The Default is 12 (minimum is 1, maximum is 499).

#Show Lines on Chart
This setting turns all lines ON or OFF on the chart

#Show Value-Lines on Chart
This setting turns the Value Lines ON or OFF on the chart

#Set Value-Line Width
This setting sets the width of the value-line displayed on the chart

#Only show last value-line on the chart
This setting removes all but the most recent value-line from the chart

- Box Settings Section -

#Show Last Box Only
This setting turns OFF all previous boxes and only shows the most recent contraction box on the chart

- Expansion Area Settings Section -

#Show Expansion Area
This setting turns ON or OFF the expansion area fill

#Show Expansion Guidelines on Chart
This setting turns ON or OFF the guidelines that show the current direction of the price via an extended line.

- Candle Colors Section -

#Color Code the Candles
This setting turns on Color Coding for the Candles which changes the colors of each candle type:
  • 1. Contraction Candle
  • 2. Expansion Candle
  • 3. Up Candle
  • 4. Down Candle
  • 5. Engulfing Candles (engulfing candles override other candle settings if turned ON)

- Engulfing Patterns Section -

#Show Engulfing Patterns
This setting turns ON or OFF engulfing candle plots globally

#Show Bullish Engulfing Candles
This setting allows the user to turn Bullish Engulfing signals ON or OFF

#Show Bearish Engulfing Candles
This setting allows the user to turn Bearish Engulfing signals ON or OFF

I hope you enjoy this indicator and that it provides some value. Please reach out to me with any suggestions or need training on the indicator.
Fixed a bug in the script and created a timeframe option to find the best Value Line.
Made Adjustments to the User Inputs
Fixed some bugs in the script
Changed several Default Values (Line Settings)
Changed Lines script snippets to use Arrays for easy line count change
ADDED Expansion Guide Lines (Potential Reversal Areas)
Changed Engulfing Candle Colors (Bullish vs Bearish)
Added Momentum
Added TDI
Minor Script Cleanup

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