RSI & Stochastic

A combination of RSI and Stochastic using default settings.

- RSI or Relative Strength Index is the white line.
- Stochastic %K is the aqua line
- Stochastic %D is the orange line
- The purple rectangle is the RSI range going from 30 (oversold) at the bottom to 70 (overbought)
- The top dotted line indicates the price being overbought on the stochastic
- The bottom dotted line indicates the price oversold on the stochastic

I mainly use both indicators to spot divergence/ potential upcoming turning points (tops or bottoms).

For example on the chart the white line shows the price of Bitcoin Rising
While the yellow line shows the stochastic declining and the red RSI stayed more or less at the same level.

Another way to use this indicator is to use the aqua line crossing above the orange line as an entry for a long trade this strategy is most useful when both are near the bottom of the range. The opposite is true for short trades but
both should be combined with other indicators such as moving averages support levels or volume for best results.

Generally RSI is more useful in trending markets & the stochastic is more useful in sideways or choppy markets.
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