Liquidity Hunter - FattyTrades

This indicator is used to automatically identify and plot two forms of liquidity that will be targeted by market makers.

The first form of liquidity is based on multi-time fame highs and lows. It plots 1H, 4H, D, W, & M liquidity on an intraday chart to make it easier to identify. I believe hat liquidity is what drives the market and the most common form of this liquidity can be identified through higher time frame highs and lows. You can use whatever method you prefer to determine which liquidity pool will be targeted. When the liquidity is purged, it will be shown as dotted lines. This should not be used as traditional support/resistance, but rather as targets for the market.

The second form of liquidity is in the form of imbalances or fair value gaps. You can select a higher time frame to be plotted along with the current time frame you're viewing to identify imbalances that will likely be targeted intraday. We know that higher time frame fair value gaps work equally well as targets for market makers. When a higher time frame FVG is broken into, it can also act as a very powerful form of support and resistance. By default, when a fair value gap has been mitigated it will be removed from the chart, however this can be disabled.

Between these two forms of market maker liquidity targets on the chart, it will be easier to formulate a thesis intraday to determine where the market will move. It can help minimize the amount of switching between higher time frames that needs to be done, allowing you to identify targets while trading on your favorite intraday time frame for optimal risk/reward.

In the near future, I will build in alerting mechanism to alert when liquidity on higher time frames as been purged/mitigated.

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