Bollinger Bands %b & RSI & Stochastic Smoothed Indicator & Alert

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This indicator displays RSI, a normalized Bollinger Band &b (Usual 0 -1 range of BB normalized to the OBOS range of RSI), and a normalized smoothed Stochastic (again, normalized to the OBOS of RSI) simultaneously with a single indicator.

It also displays buy and sell signals based upon the above.

The stochastic can be turned on and off, and the sell signal calculation will be changed accordingly (Stochastic not used to calculate buy signal).

All periods, OBOS levels, deviation, etc, are user adjustable. The buy and sell arrows can be optionally turned off.

The indicator supports alerts for the buy and sell signals.

This is a considerably rewritten, cleaned up, and updated version of my BB %b & RSI Indicator and Alert with many more features, and including a stochastic.

This indicator is mainly for use with Cryptocurrencies in shorter time periods to display possible trade opportunities. Can also be used with Forex.

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