Double Top Chart Pattern detector with alert

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Double top is a very common chart pattern, as its name indicates, it consists of two tops, and these two tops need to be in a relative flat price level. One of the top can't be much higher or lower than the other.

This indicator will detect and highlight double top pattern automatically on chart and alert you via SMS , email and sound.


Adjust the threshold between two tops.
Adjust the number of bars used to form each top.
Check if the first top is the highest in a given number of bars
Adjust the number of bars between two tops.
Switch of alert.

A detailed instruction will show you how to properly adjust each input.

It works on all timeframes and any symbol.

You can also load more than one with different inputs to get more results on chart.

版本注释: Step input can be increased by 0.1
版本注释: It uses a new algorithm now, it will get more results than before.
版本注释: Update to V5 with max_bars_back=1000
版本注释: fixed a bug


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