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Description: MOM-LRC is a powerful technical analysis indicator designed to provide traders with signals based on the momentum of an asset's price and its deviation from its mean value. The indicator calculates the exponential RSI and uses a custom function to determine the percentage change from the mean. The upper and lower bands of the momentum channel are then calculated using linear regression of the rate of change from the mean. The channel multiplier can be adjusted to increase or decrease the sensitivity of the indicator.

How to use :
1 - Using MOM-LRC , look for buy signals when the price of the asset is below the lower border of the channel and retracing up. The opposite is true in the case of sell signals.

2 - It is also used in the case of negative and positive divergences, just as you use RSI

The indicator can be used on any time frame and any asset, making it a versatile tool for traders of all levels.


Calculates exponential RSI and percentage change from the mean
Uses linear regression to calculate upper and lower bands of momentum channel
Adjustable channel multiplier for increased sensitivity
Suitable for any time frame and any asset
Happy trading!
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