Breakout reversal strategy

Cryptocurrency Algorithmic trading bot
版本注释: Обновленная версия. Соответствует настройкам в боте.
版本注释: Добавили отключение шорта.
Добавили в настройки окна для линий sma.
Комиссия по умолчанию 0,1%
版本注释: Parameter names are the same as the bot.
版本注释: Attached result for 2019. BitMEX ETHUSD 4h
版本注释: SMA filter colors:
maroon - SHORT is forbidden
navy - LONG is forbidden
版本注释: Updated SMA filter.
Added offset levels.
Bot trading strategy is available for purchase.

Бот торгующий по стратегии доступен для покупки.
版本注释: Now levels are shifted on the chart. Corresponds to the offset in the bot.
版本注释: name of the version is the same as in the bot.
版本注释: Take Profit test
版本注释: Test version. Take Profit + Stop Loss
版本注释: version_2-5
版本注释: TP between levels
版本注释: between levels - exit market order
版本注释: Trail Stop test
版本注释: Test strategy with take profits and stop losses must be checked manually.
版本注释: Option offset
版本注释: minor bug fixed
a new option to disable trading if the distance between levels is greater than the specified %.
版本注释: update option "Disable Trading if Distance % >"
版本注释: visualization
版本注释: filter visualization
版本注释: filter visualization
版本注释: Возобновлена работа фильтра расстояния (Distance filter) и опции отключения направления (Long/Short).
版本注释: Distance filter fix
版本注释: pine script update to version 4.
Исправлена работа фильтра расстояния
版本注释: Distance Filtrer fixed. Не учитывалось смещение.
版本注释: Added bottom/high indicator.
版本注释: Close position by deep/high indicator
版本注释: Fix. Enable/Disable Long/Short
版本注释: Flat Filter
版本注释: Flat Filter On
版本注释: FIX. (distance and flat filter)
版本注释: visual fix. levels offset fix
版本注释: Entry after level (for TF more than an 4 hours)
版本注释: visual fix
版本注释: New:
Close position when SMA fast and SMA slow intersect.
Level shift in coefficient.
Inclination of levels.
版本注释: Added possibility to close position at loss by SMA crossing signal
版本注释: SMA stop loss
版本注释: Corresponds to bot 178 versions
版本注释: Fixed lot
版本注释: Separate SMA for filter and close.
版本注释: + TradingView money management
+ Two options for signal close by sma
版本注释: version 182
版本注释: SMA distance filter
版本注释: + option - disablr levels if trail active
版本注释: Use SMA min profit
版本注释: TS Hamster
版本注释: SMA fix
版本注释: Release versin 1
版本注释: new TakeProfit
版本注释: new Stop Loss
版本注释: refactoring


Noro's ZZ-2 strategy
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hamster-bot root.gidra
@root.gidra, He knows. We are partners.
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ROBO_Trading hamster-bot
@hamster-bot, oga :)
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Can you explain what the bot does please, no code just the operation? Thank you!
@lj3287, If you are asking about a bot that can work according to this strategy. Here is some information:
1 this is software that needs to be run on the server
2 Bot trades according to strategy. It completely independently follows the given settings.
3 monitoring of work and control is carried out through the telegram bot.
lj3287 hamster-bot
@hamster-bot, thanks I was interested in the logic behind the long and short signals. Why does the bot trigger the long signal?
lj3287 hamster-bot
@hamster-bot, could you tell me what is the logic for the zigzag? not the code, the logic?
@lj3287, see information about the classic indicator ZigZag
hi,how may I access to the code?
hamster-bot zhenSignal
@zhenSignal, I sell a bot working on this strategy. for this reason the code is hidden.
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