[-_-] Level Breakout, Auto Backtesting Strategy

A Long only strategy based on breakout from a certain level formed by High price. It has auto-backtesting capabilities (you set ranges for the three main parameters: Lookback, TP and SL; the strategy then goes through different combinations of those parameters and displays a table with results that you can sort by Percentage of profitable trades AND/OR Net profit AND/OR Number of trades). So you can, for example, sort only by Net profit to find combination of parameters that gives highest net profit, or sort by Net profit and Percentage profitable to find a combination of parameters that gives the best balance between profitability and profit. The auto-backtesting also takes into account the commission which is set in % in the inputs (make sure to set the same value in properties of the strategy so that auto-backtesting and real backtesting results match).

NOTE: auto-backtesting only find the best combinations and displays them in a table, you will then need to manually set the Lookback, TP and SL inputs for real backtesting to match.

- Lookback -> # of bars for filtering signals; recommended range from 2 to 5
- TP (%) -> take profit; recommended range from 5 to 10
- SL (%) -> stop loss; recommended range from 1 to 5
- Commission (%) -> commission per trade
- Min/Max Lookback -> lookback range for auto-backtesting
- Min/Max TP -> take profit range for auto-backtesting
- Min/Max SL -> stop loss range for auto-backtesting
- Percentage profitable -> sort by percentage of profitable trades
- Net profit -> sort by net profit
- Number of trades -> sort by number of trades

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