ICT Index Futures Session Lines

ICT Index Futures Session Lines


The script is based on one of ICT's concepts on trading Index Futures . The script lays out the daily range from an intraday basis.


00:00 - New York Midnight
08:30 – New York Open (News events come out)
12:00/13:00 - New York Lunch (No trade time period)
13:30 - (Algorithm)
16:30 - Close

* The open, high and low lines are plotted from 00:00 to 08:30

How To Use:

You will need to check the daily bias. Prior to 8:30 you are to look for previous swing points where liquidity may exist. During the open you want to see if a high or low is taken out, and then wait for an energetic break/displacement for a potential FVG/imbalance retracement entry.

Strategy is for LTF (1 to 15m)

Default time zone is set to America/New_York (UTC New York), so lines will be plotted correctly regardless of user’s local UTC chart setting.


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