◊ Introduction
This is project XIAM, a work in progress.

Recently i came across the repainting problem.
Since then i haven't seen any bot-code that makes > 5% profit in two weeks with 0.25% fees/trade.

People who make good bots either bluff or don't share the code.
they let you rent it.

I aim to understand, learn it, write it myself. And share my findings with whoever shares with me.

◊ Origin
Based on RMI ( RSI with momentum) and SMA , and values derived from those.

◊ Usage
Currently an investigative script.

◊ Theoretical Approaches
Philosophy α :: Cleansignal
:: Cleaning up the signal, from irregularities that cause unpredictable results.
  • Merging available tickers of a pair into one.
  • Merging available tickers of different coins into one in the correct proportion. (eg. Crypto market cap)
  • Removing Jitter, and smoothing signal without delay.

Philosophy β :: Rythmic
:: Syncing into the rythm's, to never miss the que, and trade on every theoretical low/high
  • Searching Amplitude, Period, Phase Shift, Frequency's of the carrier waves.
  • Marking Acrivity/inactivity of the carrier waves.
  • Partial Fractal repetition asses-able with above data?

Philosophy γ :: consequential
:: Seeking for Indicatory events and causal relations
  • Probability / reward.
  • Confirmation and culmination.
  • ...

◊ Community
Wanna share your findings ? or need help resolving a problem ?

版本注释: ◊ Adjustments
  • Added : Movement / Force , Phase detection with volume.


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