Combination of Price Breakout with Volume

Bar Color
Yellow = Breakout with Volume and Trend Change
Lime = Breakout with Volume
Blue = Breakout without Volume

Black Line = Trailing Stop Line
Sell when price break the Stop Loss Line.

Try to entry on Yellow and Lime Candle.

Can consider to exit when Blue Candle occur. Sign of weakness on uptrend.

Shows only when bar color condition meet
Calculate risk level based on the current price and trailing stop loss line (Black Line).

52W High
By default is off.

Background Color
To Indicate Bullish or Bearish zone.
Green = Bullish zone
Red = Bearish zone
版本注释: - Add 52Week High/Low Line
- Add Trend Cloud
- Add EMA 50
- Show/Hide previous stop loss point
从常用脚本中删除 Add to favorite indicators



Can you add alerts and strategy testing to this script. Very useful to have both.
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