ICT HTF FVGs (fadi)

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ICT HTF FVGs displays the higher timeframe FVGs on current chart. This allows the trader to easily visualize the higher timeframe FVGs without having to mark them manually and see when price reaches point of interest for possible reversals or reaction.

This indicator attempts to provide as much flexibility possible by being able to define the following:

Higher Timeframe Settings
Timeframe to monitor
Bullish FVG color for this timeframe
Bearish FVG color for this timeframe
Maximum number of FVGs to display for this timeframe
Distance from current bar. This prevents overcrowding of FVGs

Hide Lower Timeframes from current chart. If this option is turned off, 5m timeframe FVGs will be displayed on an hourly chart as an example.

Show Border for the FVGs. Border color is derived from the FVG color

Show Mitigated FVG on the chart. The labels are removed to prevent the labels from overlapping with the candles on the chart/

Show C.E. Draws a line at the middle point of the FVG. This is usually an area of interest.

Show Label Shows the label with label color, background color, and label size.

UPDATE: Changed the logic that calculates the width of the FVGs as timeframe changes. It should have consistent right side spacing now.

Two new properties:

Distance: The distance of the closest timeframe from current candle
Spacing The spacing between timeframe FVGs to prevent overlapping of labels
Bugfix: FVGs were being drawn before the HTF candle has closed. Added check for bar confirmation on the HTF. this will also mean that HTF cannot be marked mitigated on lower timeframe and stays visible until HTF confirms it, which is the right approach.
Bug Fix:
1. When mitigated FVGs were hidden, they were still counted resulting in fewer FVGs being displaced.
2. The previous bug fix resulted in FVGs' right padding not calculating correctly.
1. Added logic to only show FVGs within range as follows:
-- Intraday, show FVGs that are within daily range above and below current price
-- Daily, show FVGs that are within 3 months range above and below current price
-- Weekly, show FVGs that are within 12 months range above and below current price
-- Monthly, show all FVGs

2. Changed the logic of how the indicator detects FVGs due to Tradingview limitations. Tradingview does not reliably return barstate.isconfirmed when checked via request.security.
FIX: Fixed the mitigation wick filled logic to account for when price goes through the HTF FVG
Bug Fix: Fixed the mitigation and display logic that was resulting in mitigated FVGs being displayed

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