[blackcat] L3 Whale Sniper

Level: 3


This indicator is my attempt to sniper whale fund in short-mid time frame.


The major part of this indicator is a novel trend oscillator which can use to detected oversold and overbought. With this kind of feature, a whale sniper model can be built for the condtion is after a panic rolling off of price into oversold zone, a sniper zone may happen in advance of whale fund. The yellow color zone is the whale sniper zone indicator, along with a standard long position set up zone with lime color background color. NOTE: when yellow and lime color overlay which indicates a resonance happens. This is a kind of signal with higher confidence level of buy!


Sinper Factor --> Default 5.

Key Signal

Trend --> trend oscillator output
Trend(1) --> trigger sgnal for trend ocillator
Yellow bgcolor --> whale sniper zone
Lime bgcolor --> standard long oppotunity zone


This is a Level 3 free and open source indicator.

Feedbacks are appreciated.
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