Previous High/Low MTF

Trendoscope Wizard 已更新   
Indicator to plot higher time frame previous candle highs and lows.

One of the key factor in understanding the trend is to look at higher time-frames chart.

Parameters are explained below:

  • resolution : Chose resolution of higher timeframe. If set to same as symbol, it will consider next parameter HTFMultiplier for calculation of higher timeframe
  • HTFMultiplier : Multiply symbol timeframe to by HTFMultiplier to derive higher time-frame
  • Offset: Number of higher timeframe candles before to be plotted. 1 means - it will show highs/lows of previous higher timeframe candle.
Also adding few options to explain how lookahead, gaps and offset on security function affect output. Default settings are set to show the optimal non repaint version.


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