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The DCA Liquidation Calculator is a powerful table indicator designed for both manual and bot-assisted traders who practice Dollar Cost Averaging (DCA). Its primary objective is to help traders avoid getting liquidated and make informed decisions when managing their positions. This comprehensive table indicator provides essential information to DCA traders, enabling them to plan their trades effectively and mitigate potential risks of liquidation.

Key Features:

  1. Liquidation Price Awareness: The DCA Liquidation Calculator calculates and displays the liquidation price for each trade within your position. This critical information empowers traders to set appropriate stop-loss levels and avoid being liquidated in adverse market conditions, especially in leveraged trading scenarios.
  2. DCA Recommendations: Whether you are executing DCA manually or using a trading bot, the DCA Liquidation Calculator offers valuable guidance. It suggests optimal entry prices and provides insights into the percentage deviation from the current market price, helping traders make well-timed and well-informed DCA decisions.
  3. Position Sizing: Proper position sizing is essential for risk management. The DCA Liquidation Calculator helps traders determine the percentage of capital to allocate to each trade based on the provided insights. By using the recommended position sizing, traders can protect their capital and potentially maximize profits.
  4. Profit and Loss Visualization: Gain real-time visibility into your Profit and Loss (PnL) with the DCA Liquidation Calculator. This feature allows you to monitor your trades' performance, enabling you to adapt your strategies as needed and make data-driven decisions.
  5. Margin Call Indicators: Anticipating potential margin calls is crucial for maintaining a healthy trading account. The DCA Liquidation Calculator's smart analysis helps you identify and manage potential margin call situations, reducing the risk of account liquidation.
  6. Capital Requirements: Before entering a trade, it's vital to know the required capital. The DCA Liquidation Calculator provides you with this information, ensuring you are adequately prepared to execute your trades without overextending your resources.
  7. Maximum Trade Limit: Considering your available capital, the DCA Liquidation Calculator helps you determine the maximum number of trades you can enter. This feature ensures you maintain a disciplined and sustainable trading approach aligned with your financial capabilities.

Color-Coded Risk Indicators:

  • Green Liquidation Price Cell: Indicates that the position is considered safe from liquidation at the given parameters.
  • Yellow Liquidation Price Cell: Warns traders of potential liquidation risk. Exercise caution and monitor the trade closely to avoid undesirable outcomes.
  • Purple Liquidation Price Cell: Shows the liquidation price, but it does not necessarily indicate an imminent liquidation. Use this information to make prudent risk management decisions.
  • Red Row: Signals that the trade cannot be executed due to insufficient capital. Consider alternative strategies or ensure adequate capitalization before proceeding.

Settings explained:

In conclusion, the DCA Liquidation Calculator equips traders with essential tools to make well-calculated decisions, minimize liquidation risks, and optimize their Dollar Cost Averaging strategy. By offering comprehensive insights into your trading position, this indicator empowers you to navigate the markets with confidence and increase your potential for successful and sustainable trading.
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