VWAP + Fibo Dev Extensions Strategy

Based on my VWAP + Fibo deviations indicator, I tested some strategies to see if the indicator can be profitable; and I got it !

This strategy uses:
  • H1 timeframe
  • Weekly VWAP
  • +1.618 / +2.618 / -1.618 / -2.618 Deviations Extensions to create 2 bands
  • The value of the deviation

First, the 2 bands are plotted : +1.618/+2.618 painted in red and -1.618/-2.618 painted in lime.

Then, we wait for the deviation value to reach at least 150 (see thumbnail) to avoid littles moves when the gaps between bands are too short.

Entry long position :
  • first candle must crossunder the -1.618 level and low have to stay over the -2.618
  • low of the second one must stay in the lime band
  • enter the third one if the deviation value is over limit (150)

Exit long position :
  • TP : when a high crossover VWAP
  • SL : when a low crossunder -2.618

Entry short position :
  • first candle must crossover the +1.618 level and high have to stay under the +2.618
  • high of the second one must stay in the red band
  • enter the third one if the deviation value is over limit (150)

Exit short position :
  • TP : when a low crossunder VWAP
  • SL : when a high crossover +2.618

Notes :
  • this strategy uses pyramiding (5), be careful and calculate your risk management
  • the comission value is set to 0.08% to include slippages when entering a trade because of market orders
  • This strategy is not an advice to invest, make your own decisions.

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good one, but the buy/sell signal are not getting on chart
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@namwal, have a look to my answer below ;)
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What is the VWAP indicator at the bottom? Where is it available?
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use this strategy,i can not see anything .why?
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amazing work i hope to add pinbar & shooting star
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Thank you this is very good made. But one question why It has signal short long only for some coins not all. I though It maby base on volume but no I can't see it on ETH.
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Рисует сигналы на предыдущей свече. т.е. с запозданием в час.
cant use this one bro
can i get the script without adding backtest i want to backtest manually
The sd value will vary from one symbol to another..Is there any generalized way we can make sd value uniform like taking some ratio and then compare with a fixed dev which will work the same across all symbols..
Right now what is happening is for one symbol I see the value of "sd" as 11 , for some other symbol it goes to 2 . So its just not feasible to keep modifying dev for each symbol separately . Any suggestion on this ?