Zendog V3 backtest DCA bot 3commas

- Update to Pinescript v5
- MAJOR refactor for the logic of how orders are placed. BO order is placed when the condition is first encountered and we are not in a deal.
The extra SO orders (if based on price movement) are all placed on the next candle after BO order, instead of each being placed one after another.
Take profit (if percentage) and Stop loss are placed on the first candle after BO order because if BO and TP are on the same candle TV does not execute properly.
These changes should improve strategy accuracy when multiple prices are hit by the same candle.
- NEW FEATURE: Support to Stop deal using an external indicator (i.e. stop long deal when RSI > 80)
- NEW FEATURE: Support to trigger Safety orders using an external indicator (i.e. trigger each additional SO when RSI < 10, regardless of price movement)
The price movement logic may be implemented in the indicator that plots start / end signals. The SO size is calculated using the configuration of steps.
- NEW FEATURE: Safety order command for 3commas bot. This is implemented using Add funds in the quote currency (for pair BTCUSDT the quote currency is USDT)
The SO size is calculated using the configuration of steps, for exact order size (and price) use the built-in Steps table.
- NEW FEATURE: Addition of extra columns to the steps table: Required price for TP, Required % change for TP, Required % change for BEP (Breakeven point)
- Update to steps table to remove prices when Safety orders are not based on % price change

- The code is opensource. I will not be able to sustain merges for the script, but feel free to use and develop your own version and ping me on discord to review them
and maybe include in the original script

版本注释: - update title to V3
版本注释: - update date range limit and made default value false (do not limit date range)
- fixed statistic bug when deal was stopped from external indicator

Support via discord: https://discord.gg/EXxjq2TadC

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