Trend Catcher Strategy

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what is Trend Catcher Strategy?
it is a strategy that opens long or short positions in the direction of the trend.

what it does?
TCS detects trend formations using its own unique method. Then, it opens a position in the direction of the trend and closes a part of the opened transaction (half according to default values) when the price reaches a certain level, and moves the remaining position to the point where it thinks the trend is over. You can easily understand how it works by looking at the images:

how it does it?
It obtains a value called a "limit" by dividing the difference between the highest value and the lowest value in a certain range (that is, the vector sum) to the sum of the lengths of the candles in a certain range (the total distance traveled). then multiplies this by 100 to get a percentage value. The closer this value is to 100, the stronger the trend.

trading window added. thanks to BigJasTrades for it.

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