Crypto Trend Following Study

This is the study script indicator of Crypto Trend Following Strategy which can be used to automate your trading by alerts. With study script indicator, strategy can be easily automated.

To get access to the study script indicator please contact me directly by personal message.

To back test the strategy, see Crypto Trend Following Strategy indicator.

Script is using several moving averages to keep you on the right side of the trend. Signals are also filtered based on other indicators to prevent buying already overbought or selling already oversold coins and avoid ranging markets.

Main goal of the strategy is long-term stable profit. No strategy has 100% accuracy therefore there always will be some false signals. But patience pays, with Trend Following Strategy, you will get couple of small loses while waiting to get big wins when coin is trending strongly. As you never know the right time you must sustain and be in all trades to make sure that you will not miss the big move.

This script is for free to play with so you can back test and see for yourself how the strategy performs on any of your favourite coins.
Strategy is optimized and back tested for USDT and BTC pairs on 6h timeframe but it can be used on any pair and any timeframe.

Strategy does not use safety orders as DCAs usually leads to bag holding sooner or later. It does not use take profit either as strategy will tell you when to buy and when to sell based on the actual market condition.
You should always use stop loss to protect your account from drawdown or even being liquidated.
You can change stop loss or take profit as you like or even back test the strategy with your preferred settings to find what suits you best.

Important: Make sure that you use the same settings for both Strategy and Study indicators.
If you need any help with settings do not hesitate to ask. I would also appreciate any feedback and ideas how to improve the script.
==== Indicators settings ====
RSI Long < and StochRSI Long <
• used to filter out buy signals of already overbought coins - ( stoch ) RSI must be under set value to fire a BUY signal
RSI Short > and StochRSI Short >
• used to filter out sell signals of already oversold coins - ( stoch ) RSI must be over set value to fire a SELL signal
• used to filter out buy or sell signals in ranging markets - ADX must be over set value to fire a BUY or SELL signal
MA Fast and Slow Length
• Two moving averages to indicate an actual short-term trend
Baseline Length & Type
• Baseline is a moving average which confirms the longer-term trend. You can set length and type of the moving average
Show every signal
• turn on to see signal on each candle whether strategy recommends opening long or short trade (green triangle – buy, red triangle – sell, no triangle – wait)

仅限作者授权的用户访问此脚本,并且通常需要付费。您可以将其添加到收藏中,但是只有在向作者请求并获得许可之后,才能使用它。 请与CryptoTrendTrader联系以获取更多信息,或按照以下作者的说明进行操作。





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