BoilerRoomColdCaller - 3Commas Grid Bot Signal

This is very similar to 3Commas' grid bot, the range is from the previous 7 days' lowest low decreased by 3% to the previous 7 days' highest high increased by 3%, you can also adjust if you want 7 days' highest/lowest close price as your range or highest high and lowest low as your range. 10 buys and 10 sells within the range, the unit price would be ( high-low )/19.

The buy signals and the sell signals will be triggered if:
- The previous close is below one specific green line (buy line), and the current close is above that specific green line, or
- The previous close is above one specific green line (buy line), and the current close is below that specific green line

Thus, whether the price is dropping below these lines or rising above these lines, a buy or sell signal will be triggered when they cross green or red lines. Your entry price will be the next open price after this candle's close reaches the lines.

Big thanks to @glaz, who helped me a lot with this script. Please give a like button and share if you like this script. Let me know if you have questions, thanks guys.

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