Relativity BEARS FUTURES 50X 4H Algorithm

This system is prepared only for leveraged markets and for Futures and CFD markets.
Leveraged processing apply to cryptocurrency contracts that are also subject to.
System parameters:
Timeframe = 4H (4 Hours)
Leverage = 50X
Position Size = %1 (0. 01 ) Each Trade
Market Direction : Short

System features :

- It targets the Risk /Reward Ratio of 1/3 and above. (Risk/Reward Ratio >= 3 )
- If a Take Profit Point has come in a successful trade but the parameter conformity has not deteriorated, system continues the trade.
- In this way, you can catch strong long trends several times a year.
But it is strict as stop-loss and avoids large declines,whipsaws whenever possible.
- The system tries to avoid unnecessary processes as much as possible.
This means less commission and less sideways market.
- Since it takes advantage of the reverse market, it is suitable not only for long and short but only for short position, ie "bears".
But this neutralizes unnecessary processes.
- Stop-Loss points and Snow-take points are shown in red and green.
-However, if there is a small amount of follow-up available at the computer, it is recommended to put stop-loss only.
Because the system revises both stop-loss and take profit points according to the conditions formed.
Doing this in the right major long trend here allows you to be in trades.
-The system takes into account the risk and only opens transactions where the value corresponding to 10 leverage ratio is greater than the risk.
This provides as much protection from risk as possible.
-Alerts added.

About Backtest :

Since this system uses leveraged market, backtest results are not healthy.
But since it targets the 1/3 Risk Reward Rate (3.00),
we must look Ratio Avg Win/Loss and it must be over 0.5 because :
This ratio means: When we reach 33% of our correct trades in all our trades, we are at breakeven.
This is 100 - 33 = 66
33/66 = 0.5 (Ratio Avg . Win / Avg Loss )
So whenever this rate is over 0.5, we make a profit.
*** The fact that this ratio is over 0.70-1.00 in terms of securing ourselves because there is a maturity in the future indicates that we are doing
successful snowball trades.(Because future contracts have loss of maturity and end dates)
And we achieve success cumulatively.
Important Note : This system is prepared only for these parameters.
These parameters are designed for Futures and CFDs.
It doesn't work in spot markets and Forex Markets.

The system has been prepared as a strategy to present success in a transparent manner.
Please check "Ratio Avg . Win / Avg Loss" rates in backtests.(Especially preferred financial instruments what you trade generally)

Important Note 2 -

Although the system revises the stop and take profit points in the required parameters, the most accurate place is when the signal comes.
It should be entered when the signal comes as much as possible and if this did not happen,
trade must be opened in the nearest bars after the signal comes.

If the position is not closed, renew your position in the new month by observing the maturity conditions.
Here you should pay attention to the maturity, the cost of transportation.
Because the more time to maturity, the more advantageous it will be.

Best regards.
版本注释: Commissions included in strategy: 0.1%
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EDIT : Comission added. (%0.1)
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