Correlation Convergance Divergance (CCD)

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[/bIntro :

Correlation Convergance Divergance ( CCD ) is a statistic based trend analysis indictor that uses long run and short run correlation averages to determine the stregth of two assets linear association, and bounded average percent change to determine the underpromering reltaive assets.

Rational & "Motivating Idea" :

The motivating idea is that "if two assets are in general historicaly posativley correlated (Their OHLC prices tend to move in one direction) if their correlation deviates this is a high probabality mean reverting buy opportunity for the unederproferming asset" - which is determined buy a divergance of thier standardiesed delta (Percent chnage). i.e. the reltive assets average percent change(red columns) is decreasing relative to the reffernace markets avearge percent change (green columns). note the green and red columns act just like RSI .

Divergances :
These are highlighted buy the yellow columns, As explianed above these are theoreticaly good buy opportunities.

Key Options & Inputs :

* Market Timeframe reselution :
The timeframe of which price data e.g closing prices is sourced for both markets. THIS MUST BE CHANGED TO THE CURRENT TIMFRAME RESULTION.*

* Reffrerance & Relative symbol percenet avergae lookback :
For both sr (short run) correlation averages and Reffrerance & Relative symbol percenet avergaes to start at the same bar this must equal lookback cov lookback + correlation avg lookback

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