Trailing SL Strategy signal [QuantNomad]

This is the first quantitive trading strategy devised by ELUEN CAP
This strategy can be used to decided when and which price to post the order, while trader only need to judge if it is the time we should choose to open this trading robot.When trader judges that price is in long channel, he can adjust the 'period ' parameter to make the line(open price) close to his right price.

RED line means strategy in short position, while green means it in long position.when strategy in short position , red line is above the current price.We hold short position until price break the red line . Then robot close short position and open new long position, signifying position direction has changed. We will stay in long channel until it breaks the green line below.As the line is always lower than current price when in long position, while higher in short position,
we can call it "trailing stoploss signal ".

We may also find that line sometimes appear yellow, it means we hold no position, robot forced liquidations ,because position's loss has reached 1%* total equity.Red triangle only appears when we have already held short position.It means buy in more position.Green triangle can be done in the same manner.



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