[RSM] Relative Strength Momentum 10 sources v1.1

This indicator was designed to compare relative price momentum across multiple related/unrelated symbols, maximum of 10.
Each symbol's momentum/trend is determined by price movement and custom weighted moving averages.

You can use this indicator to determine changing trends by looking at correlated leading symbols.

Description of Input Parameters:
Dark theme: Turn on this checkbox if you are using the dark theme in Tradingview.
MA Type: Default is preferred, but allows you to choose different Moving Averages to determine momentum.
MA Period: Ideal period is 200 for a Chart TF of 15 minutes to 1 Hour for most symbols I've tested. (US/ Euro Indexes CFD and Futures )

Symbol 1-10: Enter a valid Symbol in Tradingview otherwise indicator will return an error.
Color Symbol 1-10: Pick a unique color for each corresponding Symbol.
Display Symbol 1-10: Checkbox to turn on/off corresponding symbol's plot.

Access to Script:
Please contact me privately on Tradingview, user id: a.tesla2018
Alternatively, use the links below for method of payment/access to this indicator. Please do not forget to mention your TV name in notes.

B.S. Electrical Engineering and Computer Science with 10+ years experience in C, C++, HDL and lately, Pine for hire

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CashApp: https://cash.app/$atesla2018
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