Pulu's Moving Averages

Pulu's Moving Averages
This script allows you to customize sets of moving averages. It is configured default as 3 Vegas tunnels + an MA12. You can re-configure it for any of your moving average studies. At the first release, it supports up to 7 moving averages, many parameters, and eight types of algorithms:

  • ALMA, Arnaud Legoux Moving Average
  • EMA, Exponential Moving Average
  • RMA, Adjusted exponential moving average (aka Wilder’s EMA)
  • SMA, Simple Moving Average
  • SWMA, Symmetrically-Weighted Moving Average
  • VWAP, Volume-Weighted Average Price
  • VWMA, Volume-Weighted Moving Average
  • WMA, Weighted Moving Average

If you are looking for only 3 moving averages, there is another script "Pulu's 3 Moving Averages".

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