PerPro V7

Thanks to @bengal (https://www.tradingview.com/u/bengal/) for the advance and help in the sript

In this new Perpro version we added double sign for entry confirmation. Another point is that you have the automation recommended set by time or you can configure your own setting.
Remember to use this indicator with others that we offer in ppsignal.
版本注释: color
版本注释: we added alert.
版本注释: we added cfb buy or sell signal filter
版本注释: we add hilo
版本注释: We remove one time fame
版本注释: we move one condition
版本注释: we added something
版本注释: Internal calculation bermage
版本注释: I smoothed the close price
版本注释: we changed internal calculation. please try the different configuration
版本注释: we changed internal calculation
版本注释: update
版本注释: we added rsi qqe
版本注释: We added fill trend channel
版本注释: Internal calculation
版本注释: we changed internal calc
版本注释: changed internal auto mtf
版本注释: we added internal calculation exit condition
版本注释: sorry
版本注释: we add time hour trade
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Probabilities Algorithmic & AT analysis.
Can you share access mate? thank you!
Buenas ale, me das acceso? Gracias
can i get access,please?
Can me please access? thanks
Hello, is it repaints? May I get access for some time?
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