RSI Box Strategy (pseudo- Grid Bot)

This is a strategy intended primarily for algorithmic traders. It's a pseudo-grid bot that uses a dynamic, volume-weighted grid that only updates when the RSI meets certain conditions. It's also a breakout strategy, whereas normal grid bots are not (typical grid bots sell when a higher grid is reached, whereas this strategy sells when a lower grid is breached under specific conditions). This strategy also sells 100% of pyramiding orders on close.

In a nutshell, the strategy updates its grid to the volume-weighted highest/lowest values of your given source ("src" in the settings) each time that there is a RSI crossunder/crossover. From this range it produces an evenly-spaced grid of five lines, and uses the current source to determine which grid line is closest to the source. Then, if the source crosses over the line directly above the current line, it enters a buy order. If the source crosses under the line directly below the current line, it enters a sell order.

You can configure shorts, source, RSI length, and overbought/oversold levels in the settings.

For the strategy results below: fees are at 0.1% per trade, with order size 1% of equity and a max pyramiding value of 33. For a greater R/R profile, you can increase the order size, which will increase drawdown but potentially yield better results.

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