Faytterro Oscillator

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what is Faytterro oscillator?
An oscillator that perfectly identifies overbought and oversold zones.

what it does?
this places the price between 0 and 100 perfectly but with a little delay. To eliminate this delay, it predicts the price to come, and the indicator becomes clearer as the probability of its prediction increases.

how it does it?
This indicator is obtained with "faytterro bands", another indicator I designed. For more information about faytterro bands: A kind of stochastic function is applied to the faytterro bands indicator, and then another transformation formula that I have designed and explained in detail in the link above is applied. These formulas are also applied again to calculate the prediction parts.

how to use it?
Use this indicator to see past overbought and oversold zones and to see future ones.
The input named source is used to change the source of the indicator.
The length serves to change the signal frequency of the indicator.

alert added.
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