MACD Multi Time Frame

This is non-repainting multi time frame MACD script. You can choose HTF manually or HTF is calculated automatically if HTF Mode is "Auto" that is default.

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You mention that it doesn't repaint, but when setting alerts it states that it can?

Also is there a way to set an alert so that when the line crosses above 0 you long, and when it crosses below you short?
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Hi LonesomeTheBlue could you possibly change the histogram part of the script to include 4 colours for growing above and below 0 and for falling above and below 0. Many thanks for this wonderful indicator solution.
My apologies....it was the operator here, its the same, lol
Any hits on why this seems to look a little different to trading views macd?
I dont mean the step value from barmerge.gaps not being on, I mean that the crosses in the Macd and signal seem to be at different times
Thanks sir, your mtf coding helps me a lot in my script