ATR Trend Reversal Zone indicator

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This indicator helps avoid taking reversal trades too close to the 21 EMA, which may fail since the market often continues its trend after retracing from the 21 EMA level. It does not generate a direct signal for reversal trades but rather indicates points where you can consider potential reversal trades based on your trading methodology

This script defines an indicator that calculates the 21 Exponential Moving Average (EMA) and the Average True Range (ATR) for a given period. It then computes the distance between the most recent closing price and the 21 EMA in terms of ATR units. If this distance is equal to or greater than 3 ATRs, a small green circle is plotted below the corresponding bar on the chart, indicating a potential reversal condition.
This script will plot a red circle above the candle when the distance is greater than or equal to 3 and the close is above the 21 EMA. It will also plot a green circle below the candle when the distance is less than or equal to 3 and the close is below the 21 EMA.

It is strongly recommended to adjust the ATR values and thoroughly back test this indicator for the specific instrument and time frame you intend to trade.
Will update the script with ATR bands to increase performance.

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