RSI + Stochastic

RSI overbought and oversold histogram
Just indicator combo of oldschool slow stochastic and rsi , just looking a little bit better for someone.

Strategy is simple:
1) RSI is overbought or oversold (above 70, below 30)?
2) Stochastic line crosses its ema?
3) Stochastic and stochastic ema are in overbought = sell, oversold = buy.

Works good in volitile stocks/pairs and suits for fast scalping timeframes 1m 5m 15m

Strategy is old as the books, this is just a better visual for it.
Mar 31
版本注释: This is not a StochasticRSI (Stochastic to the RSI), it is simple RSI and Slow Stochastic on the same axis.
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