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Introducing the 'Hi-Lo-Gauges' indicator, a powerful tool designed to provide a comprehensive visual representation of key price metrics. This indicator leverages up to 8 preset gauges, each catering to a specific aspect of market data:

  1. All-time high and low
  2. Current 52 Weeks high and low
  3. Current Annual High and Low
  4. Current Semi-Annual High and Low
  5. Current Quarterly High and Low
  6. Current Monthly High and Low
  7. Current Weekly High and Low
  8. Current Daily High and Low

Users have the flexibility to choose all 8 or selectively display specific gauges. For each metric, the gauge dynamically adapts, with the low value set as the minimum and the high value as the maximum. Measurement options include utilizing the highest and lowest closes or the literal highest and lowest prices.

The active price of the underlying asset serves as the reference point, allowing users to gauge the percentage move on the scale between the chosen minimum and maximum. Complete customization is at the users' fingertips, enabling them to tailor the indicator's appearance to suit their preferences.

With 'Hi-Lo-Gauges,' traders and analysts can intuitively monitor and interpret diverse price metrics, fostering a deeper understanding of market dynamics and supporting more informed decision-making.

Note: 'Hi-Lo-Gauges' is visible and applicable exclusively on the daily timeframe due to the nature of the metrics used.
Bug:The weekly calculation was causing NaN value when reached Sunday.
Solved: Issue resolved with correct calculation of milliseconds.
Versions updated for imported libraries, and minor formatting fix.
Indicator visibility updated to timeframes daily and above.

Faiyaz Haider

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