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-- Watermark by FriZz | FrizLabz --
Lets you Customize a watermark how ever you would like
There are 4 Textboxes in the settings window 2 for your inputs
There's 1 with instructions/examples and 1 with Special Characters (there are tons more online)

-- The options you can type into Textbox 1 and 2 --
- Volume
- Open
- Close
- High
- Low
- Ticker [Chart ticker]
- Ticker2 [Optional 2nd ticker that can be set in the settings will also display close]
- TF
- Day
- Date
- Time
- Session
- SessionTime

-- Important --
These options need to be spelled and Case matched correctly or it will simply just display the word
You can add anything around a word or between two words you would like
If you want a new line simply press [ENTER/RETURN] and continue

-- Tooltip --
Tooltip appears when you mouse over the watermark
There are options to change the session times if you need too
The Sessions will be listed on the tooltip with Session times

I think that pretty much covers most of it if you have any questions or suggestions on this or anything else I've made
or if I missed a bug.. feel free to comment or DM me

Enjoy! - FriZz
added input to customize format on date/time/day (can google java date formatting for examples)
fixed UTC times > 0
fixed sessions overlap not displaying
fixed typos
added AM/PM to tool tip and format input
added F to FriZz in title


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