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You have to have a defined trading plan and you also have to believe it. For this, it is necessary to have coordination and harmony between the conscious and subconscious part of the individual, That is why it is so difficult for most retail traders to be profitable

ĐΜŦ is designed to identify spots in the market that offer some of the most suitable buy and sell scalping trading opportunities.
ĐΜŦ is comprised of three inputs, which are helping to identify the volatility of a security. To determine the level of volatility there are three ranges included in the equation
Input 1 - Current Day's Range
Input 2 - How High has the security risen from the previous day's close
Input 3 - How low has the security dropped from the previous day's close

One of the greatest challenges for new traders is avoiding drawdowns on their account. Drawdowns are what kills a trader's ability to consistently earn over the long haul and creates enormous emotional pain and turmoil.

Drawdowns are a result of two factors:
(1) over leverage and
(2) extremely volatile stocks. One could argue that if you get to number 1 right, the volatility is irrelevant; however, these two elements are not always mutually exclusive.

For more information about the project please contact: indicatorb0t (telegram)

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