Cyatophilum Bands Pro Trader [BACKTEST]

A Multi Timeframe Indicator for trading cryptocurrency and other assets

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The indicator mainly consists of what I call "Cyatophilum Bands", who can be used as either Trend lines or Support/Resistance . The color indicates the current Trend. Buy and Sell signals trigger upon Trend Reversal Breakouts.
These alerts can be used with automated trading systems. They correspond to the big green and red triangles.

For daytraders, there is an option to activate Long and Short signals during a Trend. It can also be used as re-entry points if you missed a major breakout. They correspond to the small triangles.

If you trade BTCUSD , I created an option that will allow you to configure your script on any timeframe from 5M to 1D in one click.
If you do not trade BTCUSD , you can use a custom setup (See the Presentation Page)
This indicators also works on other assets such as Oil Futures or other cryptocurrency pairs such as ETH/BTC .

The script comes with two versions:
The alert Setup is used creating automated alerts
The Backtest Version that will help you see the results on past data. You can choose to enable or disable shorts results.


Once I granted you access, you will receive a notification. Add both indicators to the chart. Use the Backtest version to find the best configuration ( BTCUSD is already pre-configured. I post configurations on my Discord Server, and you can ask me for help). Then apply this configuration to the Alert Setup script. Finally, create the alerts.

Before you ask, the script does not repaint. I made sure to not use the security function which I know is bugged right now.

Get the indicator today !
Purchase on my website

If you purchase the Indicator you will get access to my past indicators as well!
版本注释: is now also optimised for Forex Trading.
版本注释: Fix for the Strategy Tester: no longer pyramidates.
版本注释: Small Fix for generic backesting
版本注释: Updated Parameters visibility and strategy functions.
版本注释: Added optionnal features:
- Stop Loss System
- Take Profit System

仅限作者授权的用户访问此脚本,并且通常需要付费。您可以将其添加到收藏中,但是只有在向作者请求并获得许可之后,才能使用它。 请与cyatophilum联系以获取更多信息,或按照以下作者的说明进行操作。



警告:请阅读,然后再请求访问权限。 - Automated Strategies with Backtest and Alert Setup

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good job, can i have a try, thanks
+1 回复
ı want try
+1 回复
Awesome job, i pay for the trial, wait for acces
+1 回复
cyatophilum Che_Trader
@Che_Trader, I granted you access !
# Can I get an access please?
+1 回复
cyatophilum wixx2014
@wixx2014, Hello, I sent you a message.
Version 4 Released ! Please give a look :
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