ADR/AWR/AMR Average Daily+Weekly+Monthly Range[Traders Reality]

Advanced ADR/AWR/AMR indicator created for Traders Reality community, as well as the greater trading community.
Thanks to the TR community discord guys: infernix, peshocore and xtech5192

Everything is modular and can be turned on/off, including a customisable table showing daily/weekly/monthly average pips/dollars.

If you just want the average daily range lines for example, you can just disable everything else. You can choose how many days to look back; as well as for weeks or months.

Check out Traders Reality on YouTube if you want to see this implemented as part of Tino's strategy that utilizes market manipulation, imbalances, times of day etc.

Price regularly reverses from ADR, making it one of the few highly valuable indicators in price action/smart money trading.

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