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Title: ValueView


ValueView is a script designed to cater to the needs of value investors. Its primary purpose is to provide a comprehensive overview of the financial performance of a stock, making it easier for investors to assess the intrinsic value and potential investment opportunities.

The script displays a concise summary of essential fundamental values and metrics in the form of a customizable table, directly integrated into the chart. This allows investors to evaluate the stock's performance for a variable number of fiscal years, as defined by the user. The input flexibility enables users to focus on the timeframes that are most relevant to their analysis.

ValueView works on timeframes greater than or equal to "DAY", ensuring that the data presented is reliable and relevant for long-term value investing strategies. With this feature, investors can focus on the bigger picture and avoid getting distracted by short-term fluctuations.

With ValueView, investors can choose to select or deselect specific metrics according to their investment strategy and preferences. This feature ensures that users are presented with the information they find most valuable, allowing them to make more informed decisions based on their unique perspective.

Key Features:

Quick overview of the financial performance of a stock for value investors
Customizable table displaying essential fundamental values and metrics
User-defined number of fiscal years for analysis
Select and deselect metrics to tailor the output to individual preferences
ValueView offers a convenient, time-saving solution for value investors looking to gain a deep understanding of a stock's financial performance. With its customizable features and easy-to-use interface, this script simplifies the process of identifying promising investments and making informed decisions.
Enhanced table display customization:
- Adjustable font size accessible through the settings menu
- Selectable metrics for display available in the settings menu

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