2 Multi-Timeframe Bollinger Bands

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This is two separate Bollinger bands in one study. Customizable middle BB line type ( SMA , EMA , VWMA ), legnth, colors, and deviations provided at .5 increments.

Someone else has a very similar Bollinger Band study but the code was hidden, so I figured I would remake as a learning challenge since I'm new to pinescript and this is the best way to learn it imo.

There will be updates to this script in the future but for now it serves its purpose lol. Publishing this version early as I wanted to give some friends access to it

In terms of usage, I like 4h 50 SMA alot . Having two sets of Bollinger bands is nice so you can turn one off or swap between time frames and such. In terms of techniques using both bbands, I haven't really played with it too much yet but simple things like 1h 50sma bbands expanding past the 4h 50sma bbands probably indicate an exaggerated move in that specific time frame, etc etc.

Hope this helps!
bug fix on 2nd set of std dev bands - was calculating with the wrong time frame


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