RK's 07 ∴ Moving Average Ribbon with Momentum Adjusted by DGT

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Hello folks!

In my search for new ways to get faster and better market responses, I found this brilliant Indicator here on Trading View.

I rewrite all the code with my own functions and styles.

So... This is my adaptation to excellent script "Momentum adjusted Moving Average by DGT" from the user dgtrd

In dgtrd's words: "A brand new Moving Average, calculated using Momentum, Acceleration and Probability (Psychological Effect).

Momentum adjusted Moving Average( MaMA ) is an indicator that measures Price Action by taking into consideration not only Price movements but also its Momentum, Acceleration and Probability.

MaMA , provides faster responses comparing to the regular Moving Average"

The original post is here: 👇


Rodrigo Kazuma
版本注释: Indicator's link on script
版本注释: Better study title 😁👍


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