SMT - Smart Money Thursday Boxes

The Smart Money Trading Thursday - is a very specific trading system. You only trade it on a Thursday.
The script/indicator will color Thursdays as two boxes. If you just want one color, use same color for
both boxes. The boxes is there to indicate London/New York sessions.


In the setting you find a numeric value as 1700-0400:5

The "5" indicate Thursday. You can change that if you prefer to color another specific day.
For example "4" would indicate Wednesday. And you can change the hours to fit your
sessions and trading style.

You can also use the 2 boxes on different days. If you for example would like to color up
London for Wednesday and Thursday. Then set hours to fit London session and adjust the
:5 to 4 on the 1st box and 5 on the 2nd.


The Smart Money works in a way retail trading does not. Smart Money has an objective
to locate retail patterns, where there will be a lot of stop loss volume to be grabbed.

So when a retail trader see a setup like a "Double Top / Bottom". The Institutional
will see $$$ of dumb money, ready to be taken. The best moves happen on a Thursday
but if you are a skilled trader, you can see the move also occur on Wednesday or Friday.

The first thing that will happen, is that the Smart Money Breaks out of session. Meaning
they will leave the current weeks high/low range. To start collect negative contracts
of the retail volume.

When you see that happen. And you see a breakout that consist of 4 in a row 1 hour
chart candles. Then you have your first rule meet.

#1 Thursday breakout of current weeks high/low. And the move is a clean 4 hour move
as 4x H1 candles. The move can start within range. But must end clearly outside.

Visual Example:
#2 Next, we await an engulf at peak or near peak. That is where Institutional
may have problem to match any more contracts, and since they used their own
money to make this move. They must now mitigate orders, and return back to
the original retail pattern as most retail traders are now stopped out.

(Normally this is a long/clear candle out of range. they rarely go lower
then retail traders entry in the 1st push. This to not save any souls :)

#3 Price returns back to where the breakout from the retail happens.

You can now take your profit as a Smart Money Trader. Trading with less risk,
you can take profit of the return of that latest 4x H1 candle move. (Order


The best trade is when you can combine a retail pattern, followed by a
breakout which holds 4x 1 hour candles in the outbreak direction.

2nd best is when you have the 4x H1 breakout and really no clear retail
pattern. Still is the same game. Just not as clear as the one above.

Study the steps in this image and you see what to look after:

Good Luck with your trading!


The Hunter Trading Group


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