ICT - GAPs and Volume Imbalance

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Gaps are areas on chart where the price have moved sharply up or down, with no trading in between. Gaps often fill, but they don't have to.

Volume Imbalance
Volume imbalance - determined using 2 candles
Bullish Volume Imbalance - area between the close of 1st candle and the open of 2nd candle
Bearish Volume Imbalance - area between the close of 1st candle and the open of 2nd candle

How to use the indicator:-

When you find imbalance in volume or a GAP in the chart, you may expect price to rebalance it before continuation.

Importantly, GAPs/Imbalances do not always fill. Traders should never assume that a gap/imbalance will fill without understanding the reasons for the gap and monitoring trading activity around the gap.

Pair it with your current bias for better results.
  • Added Balanced Price Range to the script
    Added Fair Value Gaps to the script
    Box Border can now be modified
    Box length is extended till mitigated
    Mitigated Boxes can be hidden or differentiated with a unique color
    Box Labels can now be hidden
    other bug fixes
- Added option to extend unmitigated Volume Imbalance Boxes
- Added option to disable extending unmitigated boxes
  • Added Option to extend all VI boxes (Mitigated/Unmitigated)
- Volume Imbalance Mitigation Color Issue Fixed
- Added option to change label color of Mitigated Box labels. Set it to 0% opacity to hide the text.
- GAPs are now marked between bodies of the candles instead of wicks
- Added alert option for FVGs, VIs and GAPs
1. Added Implied Fair Value Gap (I.FVG) - Beta Version
2. Added New Mitigation Type - Engulf, Wherein body close is required for a gap/imbalance to be considered as mitigated. Default is set to "Engulf". Change it to "Mitigate" for the older model.
3. Default Mitigation type for GAP is set to Consequent Encroachment (50% of the Range)
4. Added alerts for I.FVG
When price is inside a Box (FVG/VI/GAP/BPR/I.FVG), that particular box will be in spotlight compared to other boxes. It will be a treat to watch :)
- Added Mid line (C.E.) for FVG Boxes. Toggle on/off enabled.
- Added alerts when price mitigates FVG,GAP, VI and Implied FVG Boxes (Works only when the mitigation type is set to engulf).
- Minor Bug Fix
- Minor bug fix
bug fix
Change in logic for plotting Volume Imbalances (VIs)
Added new mitigation type for FVG Boxes called "Rebalance" wherein if a FVG is partially rebalanced, only the remaining unfilled range is extended in time.
When it is fully rebalanced (Candle low trading below bullish FVG or Candle high trading above bearish FVG), it stops extending further in time.
Box highlight feature (animation) and alerts will work for this mitigation type.
Bug Fix


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