Simple Grid Lines Visualizer

About Grid Bots

A grid bot is a type of trading bot or algorithm that is designed to automatically execute trades within a predefined price range or grid. It is commonly used in markets that exhibit ranging or sideways movement, where prices tend to fluctuate within a specific range without a clear trend.

The grid bot strategy involves placing a series of buy and sell orders at regular intervals within the predefined price range or grid. The bot essentially creates a grid of orders, hence the name. When the price reaches one of these levels, the bot will execute the corresponding trade. For example, if the price reaches a predefined lower level, the bot will buy, and if it reaches a predefined upper level, it will sell.

The purpose of the grid bot strategy is to take advantage of the price oscillations within the range. As the price moves up and down, the bot aims to generate profits by buying at the lower end of the range and selling at the higher end. By repeatedly buying and selling at these predetermined levels, the bot attempts to capture gains from the price fluctuations.

About this Script

Simple Grid Lines Visualizer is designed to assist traders in visualizing and implementing automated price grids on their charts. With just a few inputs, this script generates gridlines based on your specified top price, bottom price, and the number of grids or profit per grid.

How it Works:

Specify Top and Bottom Prices: Start by setting the top and bottom prices that define the range within which the gridlines will be generated. These prices can be based on support and resistance levels, historical data, or any other factors you consider relevant to your analysis.

Determine Grid Parameters: Choose either the number of grids or profit per grid, depending on your preference and trading strategy. If you select the number of grids, the script will evenly distribute the gridlines within the specified price range. Alternatively, if you opt for profit per grid, the script will calculate the price increment required to achieve your desired profit level per grid.

  • Note that when choosing Profit per Grid, an approximation usually is performed, as all grid lines must be evenly distributed. To achieve that, the script computes the grid distance using the mean price between top and bottom, then computes how many of those complete distances may enter the entire range, and lastly, creates a grid with evenly distributed distances as close as possible to the previously computed.

Customize Styling and Display: Adjust the line color, line style, transparency, and other visual aspects to ensure clear visibility on your charts.

Analyze and Trade: Once the gridlines are plotted on your chart, carefully observe how the market interacts with them. The gridlines can act as reference points for potential support and resistance levels, as well as simple buy/sell orders for a trading bot.

Try to find gridlines that intersect prices as frequently as possible from one to another.

  • A grid with too many lines will make lots of potential trades, but the amount traded will be minimal (as the total amount invested is divided over the number of grids).
  • A grid with too few lines will make lots of profits with each trade, but the trades will be less likely to occur (depending on the top/bottom distance).

This tool aims to help visually which grid parameters seem to optimize this problem.

Future versions may include automatic profit computation.

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